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Catacombs Paris - Adam Borowiak - Jeu. 09 Mai 2019

I'm from the U.S., Coming to Paris the 11th to 12th of June. Looking for someone who knows the catacombs. I'm a urban explorer & do as much as I can myself. I do most of my exploring on my own but this I won't chance.

If interested, hit me up?

RE: Catacombs Paris - SWAN - Jeu. 09 Mai 2019


I don't think you'll find a guide there

But make sure you're properly geared, with spare batteries, two light source, lots of water, an up to date map, and trash bags

Have fun and don't take pictures nor videos of entrances that you'll share on social medias

RE: Catacombs Paris - Eldiablo9903 - Jeu. 09 Mai 2019

I don't think anybody will help you. It's a secret community. And if you find someone, be careful ! He can juste be a bastard that will lost you !

You can go alone, be prepaired

Good luck

Sorry for my english

RE: Catacombs Paris - Georges V - Jeu. 09 Mai 2019

(Jeu. 09 Mai 2019, 11:12)Adam Borowiak a écrit : I'm from the U.S., Coming to Paris the 11th to 12th of June.

This very specific time frame sounds a bit like you're trying to order from the menu.

A bit like with dating, you'd stand a better chance if you gave it more days in town, rather than seemingly just look for another dirty quicky to cross off your bucket list.

My advice would be to stay in town Thursday through Monday. For reasons you'll get once you've gathered a bit more background info on social dynamics in the place you're hoping to get a glimpse of.

This being said, if you do want to stick to the cliché tourist agenda of yours, you'll have little trouble finding eager entrepreneurs who'll be happy to treat you like one and accept a selection of the green bills that you carry in your wallet. Wouldn't make the experience sub-par and you'd get to see the place without having a guide on the other end who feels like he's being taken advantage of.