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NUg Videos now with English Sound Tracks!
We are pleased to announce that our first three English language videos are now available for viewing. We hope to continue to add English language narrations to our growing and fascinating library of NUg videos. For the first time, visitors who do not speak Italian, but do speak English, may join in on the fascinating explorations and visits to the "Parallel City" that stretches beneath Naples, Italy. Aqueducts dug by Greek slaves 2,400 years ago come alive as we take you with us for a close-up visit.

Huge quarried caverns beneath the city were transformed into air raid shelters, and we take you racing down into the silent tunnels and caverns which sheltered thousands of Neapolitans from the allied bombings of WWII. See the fascinating and haunting artifacts that remain below ground to this day.

And come along for a more detailed look at the ancient underground Greek and Roman aqueducts that served Naples into the early 1900's as we "go with the flow" of these ancient waterways. Crawl through the honeycomb network of connecting feeder tunnels and cisterns hundreds of feet underground that provided the "water of life" for the growth and development of Naples over the centuries.

So let's go. Come along for a video visit to . . . Napoli Underground!

“Surviving Underground: WWII and the Bombing of Naples”

“The Ancient Aqueducts of Naples Italy”

“Going With the Flow: Naples’ Ancient Aqueducts”

We really hope you enjoy our new Videos in English. It has been my pleasure as translator and retired Radio and TV broadcaster to also do the voice-over narration working with webmaster Fulvio and master speleo and videographer, Luca. If you find these interesting, please forward the links to your friends and join the Napoli Underground speleo family!

All the English language videos can be found HERE.

Larry Ray Smile

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